Boost your European Business!!


If you are looking for a professional and experienced Trade representative, who can manage all aspects of a commercial affiliate or likewise only marketing, customer service or sales module services ,
than you can consider BIZBO Europe as a serious option!

We can provide you with a local affiliate service, so that you have "ears and eyes" in the Western Europe/Benelux markets an can offer a local Dutch Customer service. We can easily and fast be onsite in W-Europe to advise your customer or gather onsite information.

With BIZBO Europe you can Boost your Business in Western-Europe by offering better service and acquiring additional and more aggressive, local sales efforts.

Benefit from our:

  • Valuable knowledge of the LOCAL culture, languages and markets
  • Professional and standalone business service
  • Market research, Marketing, Active Sales and valued local customer service
  • Strong experienced, professional staff which responds pro-active in the local markets.
  • Reliable on agreements
  • Important local source of information
  • Flexible in service set-up, module based from project-based to full service business model


How Kim Kardashian keeps a young boobie-look!

KimKardashian-masking boobs.jpgThe American reality star Kim Kardashian (35) has unveiled one of its greatest beauty secrets on her website. The brunette - known for its prominent derriere and ditto facade - shows a picture how she manages to keep even beautiful, firm breasts in the nudest dresses.
How than? La Kardashian gives nature a hand and compensates with strips of masking tape  the influence which gravity simply could have on women's breasts. The picture - which apparently is already been taken a few years ago - shows how Kim  keeps  'things' high. She sticks masking tape over her famous breasts and fixes the tape then  on her shoulders. The result: the façade of a young flower.

"I call it boobtaping and it is really a piece of cake, 'she writes on her site."